Choosing a Tournament Partner

The 5th event of the Sunday St. Clair Cash for Bass Circuit is 2 days away and my partner, Matt Malmquist, and I find ourselves in the running for Team of the Year.  We have had a solid year so far, averaging over 20 pounds through the first 4 events and we know we’ll need a big bag on Sunday.  I have fished with a lot of different people in team tournaments over the years and feel like there are a few key reasons some teams are more successful than others.

Trust is a huge thing when it comes to team tournaments.  I am a guide on Lake St. Clair and Matt fishes the BFL circuit, which is individual and finds him fishing Lake St. Clair quite often.  We share a lot of spots, but we also know when to stay off of something when we feel the other may need it to be successful.  With that being said, we never hesitate to share info because we know it will be safe between us.

It is important to have confidence in your tournament partner.  Going into a tournament thinking that you have to catch all the fish yourself can create unneeded stress.  Find a partner that you know will put fish in the boat and put him/her in the position to do so!  Lake St. Clair is a bit different than most lakes in the sense that you can catch fish casting 360 degrees around the boat.  Inland lakes can be a bit tougher because you are often fishing smaller, specific targets.  Don’t backseat your partner; you have to remember you’re on a team!

To me, the most important thing in partner tournaments is having a partner whose skill set compliments yours.  Sometimes you will find that the fish are keyed in on one presentation or bait, but more often than not, they can be caught a couple different ways.  Rarely throughout the circuit were Matt and I doing the same thing.  What works well for is having one person throwing a finesse type presentation, while the other did some power fishing looking for a big bite.  We pay a lot of attention to what the other is doing and make adjustments from there.

Hopefully these things help you choose the right partner for your next circuit and increase your success! 

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